First in Japan! “Eatable Mindfulness” Raw Cacao Bar with CBD Raw Oil
First in Japan! “Eatable Mindfulness” Raw Cacao Bar with CBD Raw Oil

First in Japan! “Eatable Mindfulness” Raw Cacao Bar with CBD Raw Oil

Raw Cacao Bar with raw CBD oil keep you stay focused and relaxed to improve your working performance.

Elixinol Co., LTD ,Area:Tokyo Shibuya,Representative:Makoto Matsumaru), which import and export CBD relative products work with imalivechocolate (イマリブチョコレート)to make “CBD Raw Cacao Bar”. Sale first started on the company’s official site. Limited store sale sta(ビューティアポセカリー) in Isetan Shinjuku.

Supported by models, buyers and editors, imalive chocolate under the chocolatier HARUKA have a collaboration compaign with Elixinol Japan. In January 2018, 100 packs of raw cacao bar have been put on online store for trial. “Great match with coffee.” “Feeling relaxed after eating.” Similar positive comments have been received from both men and women. CBD Raw Cacao Bar would be on sale in this autumn.

CBD Raw Cacao Bar can help you stay focused and relaxed

CBD oil is verified to have positive effects on focus and relaxation. In this modern society, people are so busy and lack of time to relax. The effects of CBD draw attention. This raw cacao bar is an easy and convenient way to consume CBD oil and relax.

5 Points of CBD Cacao Bar


1. Using a lot CBD raw oil

Special CBD raw oil is used. The taste of cocoa is perfectly mixed with CBD.
With multiplication effect of CBD and cacao, the user can have a different experience from Elixinol Drops(エリクシノールドロップス).
*Raw Oil : pure CBD oil extracted from seed and stem by special extraction method

2. Free from artificial synthetic additives, white sugar, gluten, dairy products and soy bean

CBD oil users commonly aware of health and mental health. The raw material is chosen carefully to make a healthy product.

3. Selected Cacao bean perfectly compatible with raw CBD oil

Cocoa beans from various countries have been filtered to choose the right one. Finally, cacao beans from Ecuador (USDA verified) perfectly compatible with raw CBD oil have been used. The beans are roasted at a lower temperature than usual to pull out the original natural sense of cacao beans. It’s a cacao bar tasted a bit bitter.

4. Hand-made chocolate

Chocolate is made and checked one by one to monitor the taste and quality.

5. Size that is easy to bring along

Different from Elixinol Drops which use straws, CBD Raw Cacao Bar needs only your mouth to bite. Easy intake of CBD on road.

■What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

There are more than 400 substances in hemp plant. And CBD has the best effect and the verified subtances.

■What is Cacao Bar?

Raw cacao (unheated chocolate) is healthier chocolate made in lower temperature than traditional method with less nutrient deformed in raw material. Besides a lot of flavonoids and vitamins, it also keeps minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, copper and polyphenols. Since enzymes are not deformed, attention is gaining from women with high aesthetic and health consciousness.

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