CBD will be the next super food- The CBD Summit
CBD will be the next super food- The CBD Summit

CBD will be the next super food- The CBD Summit

On 7th March 2018, The CBD Summit was launched in the largest natural product exhibition, Products Expo West.

What is CBD Summit?

The CBD Summit targeted CBD producers and distributors, the insight and concern of CBD products in the US are discussed. Professionals from different fields talked about different aspects of CBD products, including legislation, production, chemistry and labeling.

It is expected that more people will question the Federal and state laws and challenge Drug Enforcement Administration for the legalization of CBD products

Easier to get CBD products

Todd Runestad, the editor for the host of this event, New Hope Network, delivered the opening statement of the summit. “It’s like anything that’s innovative and on-trend and disruptive — it tends to start in health foods stores, whether it’s pomegranate or plant protein or almond milk or CBD.” said Runestad. More shops in the US is selling CBD products.

CBD product market is expected to grow to 1.9 bilion


With the effectiveness of CBD products, big medical companies such as Epidiolex are expected to involve more into CBD business. Hemp Business Journal estimated the CBD products market in the US will exceed 1.9 billion in 2022.

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