First CBD store opens in Ireland
First CBD store opens in Ireland

First CBD store opens in Ireland

Irish consumers can now purchase CBD oil in person after the first dedicated CBD oil store has opened in Dublin.

Available online before, now in stores

As a result of this store opening, customers in Ireland will now be able to shop for CBD oil and get advice and information from the people working at the store. CBD oil was legal to purchase online, but the addition of a store that is located in a mall in Dublin is a very big development.

CBD products have been highly stigmatized in Ireland as a result of it being a very traditional country, but with the opening of a store dedicated to CBD, it shows the growing change of public perception towards CBD.

Although CBD oil is legal, it cannot be prescribed by doctors.

CBD is not regulated as a drug, so it can be sold as a food supplement and is easily obtainable by the common consumer. As a result of this, is not considered to be a medical treatment option and cannot be officially prescribed by doctors.

And though this may be the case, doctors in Ireland are actually recommending CBD to their patients because of their faith in the benefits the substance has for people. Most notable are the cases where CBD has helped stop the chronic seizures that many children with severe epilepsy have and the positive skin clearing effects on severe cases of eczema as well.

With popularity and awareness of CBD rising, there is a brighter future for the substance in the medical and consumer worlds.

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